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Meet the Maker

Well with the change over of my website to be a fully fledged shop, I thought it was about time I introduced myself properly, especially for those new to the site *waves a cheery hullo to everyone*.

Hi, I’m Rachel; floral creative, amateur photographer, IT nerd, cookie creator, tea drinker and nature lover!

I graduated university with a BSc (hons) in Marine Biology and a MSc in Computing and Internet Systems for the Univeristy of Wales, Bangor. A strange combination, but I had planned on finding an environmental institution or program that I could work with, advancing programs and technology to assist with education and research. So how exactly did I get into making flower crowns you say…! Well… unfortunately leaving university = debt, which meant I had to get any job I could get my hands on, while i looked for the “dream job”. I started working for a software company in the local area on their support desks. I got stuck a little in the merry-go-round that is a comfortable paid job. I advanced and move onto testing the latest software, then onto managing the test teams and the product releases. Eventually the once comfortable job wasn’t so comfortable. 12 to 13 hours days, 6-7 days a week, just to get my normal workload completed drained me and I needed a release. I started making time for myself, and started up some hobbies including flower making.

When a friend asked if I could make a headpiece for her handfasting I was super excited. From there I started making both beaded and floral headpieces, eventually settling on crafting a core product range of floral headpieces. I’ve been selling now on Etsy and in person at fairs since 2012. In 2016 I made the leap and “quit my day job”, focusing on my shop full time, and picking up freelance testing and web design work whilst I navigated the seasonal trends. I currently work from my spare room *aka the studio* at home, and love being able to go out and wander in the local woods and meadows for inspiration.

As my business grew, so did my excitement and yearning to create my own space off of Etsy. So I started working on my own website, and ta-da here we are!

My passion for web design has also regrown as I’ve learnt more about how to balance work and life, and I’m now also looking forward to starting a new journey back in the world of full time employment (eep!). I’ll be running my shop on the side, with the only change being a little increase on the current processing time for orders. I’m super excited!

I hope to be publishing posts here every Saturday morning, which will feature updates to my shop when I release new ranges, behind the scenes glimpses of my processes, tips and tricks for balancing work and the side hustle, floral photoshoots, diy floral fun features and so much more. New ranges and updates will also go live at the weekends, so whilst you are here, you can pop over to take a peek and see what is new!

So I’ll leave you now, with 5 random facts about me! Have a great week, and let me know what you think of the new site! 🙂

1) I’m a classically trained clarinetist (B bass, E alto, B soprano, E soprano), and still play (although only on my own). Now I’m more mature i realise how useful learning those pesky scales and arpeggios were. I can also play flute and saxaphone.

2) Forget-me-nots are my favourite wild flower.

3) I love Scandinavian designed furniture and can’t wait to furnish my own home with beautiful lighting and stylish pieces.

4) I dream of owning a log cabin by a lake, mountains and forest one day…

5) I love the minions – they are bright and cheery and they make me giggle… lots…  :D.